Safety Rules

Firearm Safety Rules

1. All guns are always loaded. Always Treat Every Firearm as if it is Loaded. Unless you have personally cleared the weapon, treat it as if it is loaded and ready to fire.

2. Never allow the muzzle of a weapon to point at anything you are not willing to destroy. Not only must you never intentionally point the firearm in an unsafe direction, you must never allow this to happen accidentally. You are responsible for keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you have decided to shoot. The natural instinct when picking up a gun is to place your finger inside the trigger guard. DO NOT DO THIS. If you happen to trip or fall, or if you are startled, you could easily pull the trigger unintentionally.

4. Always be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Shooting at targets that you have not positively identified can have tragic consequences. Not having a safe backstop can be equally disastrous if your bullet misses or over-penetrates your intended target.

5. Never try to catch a falling weapon. If one of your fingers comes into contact with the trigger while the weapon is falling, it is very likely that the gun will fire — and it is almost assured that you will have no control over where the bullet will strike.

6. Always keep your guns secure and inaccessible to unauthorized and untrained individuals. You will be held responsible for injury to children and adults, and for property damage, due to your failure to properly secure your firearms.

7. Never handle a firearm if you have been consuming alcohol or have taken drugs that could cause mental or physical impairment. Firearms are lethal weapons, and must be handled with care and respect. Irresponsible gun handling endangers you and those around you, and can have tragic consequences.