Student Comments

We think that our students can give you a more objective assessment of our courses than perhaps we ourselves can provide. Many of our students have taken classes at other facilities before coming to us for their renewal class, giving them a frame of reference that should be of significance to the student seeking his or her first class.

Listed below are a few unsolicited comments from our students:

You did an excellent job with the course. I am an experienced shooter, yet I got a great deal out of it. I thought you were very well organized and the material was very good. I took six pages of notes so I could go home and discuss it with my beautiful wife. One day she will take the course. Thanks again for the effort you made. I enjoyed your sense of humor and your real world examples, which helped make the material anything but dry. Brian V., Baton Rouge

I thoroughly enjoyed your CHP class and found it to be a very informative eye-opener. While I shoot handguns about 2-3 times a month, I had never been formally taught how to shoot. I was amazed at how many of the things you taught in class were new to me. Also, please let me know when your next CHP class is available. My wife is not sure if she wants to carry a handgun, but the class would be beneficial regardless, and she is interested in taking it. Alan M., Baton Rouge

I would like to thank you for such an informative class. I also want to thank you for your patience with me on the firing range. I was very nervous, and you talking to me the way you did helped me calm down. I thank you again and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in take the class. It made me realize the need to look for the unexpected.   Thanks again. Rita H., Zachary

Just wanted to thank you again for the class yesterday. It was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style, which kept it moving and interesting. I can’t wait to get back to the range. James C., New Orleans

Just a quick note to let you know that Karen & I really enjoyed your class. I think we were both expecting a rather boring day of dealing with rules and regulations, but you kept things interesting. I’ve since recommended your class to several interested friends, and you may soon have another preacher in class. Nothing like having the clergy packing, huh? Mike H, Baton Rouge

I would like to say thank you again for the class. It was very informative and enjoyable. I have recommended you to some of my family members as well as to friends. Thanks again. Take care!  Ariel D., Hammond

I’m indebted to one of my co-workers for letting me know about your course, and demonstrating his friendship by encouraging me to attend your superb presentation. There were times Saturday that I was fighting to pay attention, not because of your instruction, but from just getting over the ” flu bug.” However, there was never a time when I doubted that you are greatly qualified to impart the subject matter, spiked with just the right amount of good humor, and that the information was top notch material which made very good practical sense. You are doing your community a valuable service in teaching people how to defend themselves and their loved ones in what appears to be an increasingly risky environment. My sincere thanks. John W., Baton Rouge

As an attorney, we usually disapprove of “runners” drumming up business for other lawyers. But I have to confess that I’ve become something of an evangelist for your concealed handgun class. I was really impressed with how you went about it and am telling everyone I know about it. Thanks again. Karl L., Lafayette

Thanks Ernie, truly enjoyed the class. I learned quite a lot that wasn’t even gun related. William J., Morgan City

Thank you so much. I had a wonderful day and learned so much. Without a doubt, Ernie, you are the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to learn anything from. Your manner of speaking is very easy to listen to and comprehend. You were so knowledgeable, patient and kind and I greatly appreciate you. I am so proud, and have shown my target to everyone at work. It was a great Saturday! I just can’t thank you enough!!! Brenda F., Baton Rouge

The class was the talk of our entire law office today, all in a good way. You did a great job with the subject and everyone enjoyed the class. Thanks again for all of your help. Darrell L., Baton Rouge

I must tell you how impressed I was with the class experience today. It was far better than the original CHP class and the renewal classes I’ve taken over the past 12 years. I learned more about how self-defense awareness, maintaining proficiency and getting advanced training could save my life. I do not need to be trained on how to clean and store a gun, although I know that is important. I am not getting my CHP for fun. I am getting it for self defense only. I shoot sporting clays for fun, but that won’t save my life on a side street in New Orleans or Baton Rouge one day. Thank you for the “wake-up call.” Candi N., St. Francisville

I will highly recommend your course to anyone I can. I have always told my close friends they need to learn to shoot and be comfortable with protecting themselves. Be assured you will be hearing from plenty of them. Regards and thanks again. I feel safer and smarter from taking your class. Deborah T., New Orleans

When I took your class last year, I knew right away it wasn’t one of these “I am going to teach you some stuff, now give me my money.” Your lecture material was easy to understand and follow, and the information could be taken home and really applied. After describing the class to my wife, she was eager and excited about signing up, but was very nervous at the same time. But I told her that you are very understanding, clear and will work with her if she has any questions or problems. Thanks again. Ryan C., Baton Rouge

Thanks for a great course! Susan and I both enjoyed it very much, and learned more than we ever expected. Thanks again. Bren & Susan K., Baton Rouge

There were so many things you spoke of that I had never considered, that I needed to tell you how much I appreciated being able to take your class. I now see very clearly that the information you teach on self defense is vital. Thank you. Denise F., Baton Rouge

Your class was exceptional, with just the right amount of pictures and videos to keep everyone’s attention. I know it has made me more aware of my surroundings and will keep me focused on staying in Condition “Yellow.” I do want to apologize in case I seemed “unresponsive” (yawning) at times. I did not sleep the entire night before the class, and was not sure if I could stay awake in a classroom setting for 9 hours. The fact that I did proves that your class was extremely motivational and attention-grabbing. Cindy B., Gonzales

Thank you very much for allowing us to attend your class last Saturday. Both of us learned some extremely valuable concepts, and your presentation kept us alert and interested throughout the day. We really enjoyed the course, and hope that we will carry your teaching points with us on a daily basis. Larry and Ellen J., Baton Rouge

I didn’t get a chance to talk with you much after we adjourned, but I wanted you to know that I enjoyed your class very much. I learned more in those 9 hours than I have learned in the past 20 years about the law and about avoidance tactics. Thank you and have a great day. Michael L., Prairieville

I really enjoyed your class last Saturday. It far exceeded my expectations. My only regret is that I should have taken more notes. I have highly recommended your class to my family and friends, regardless of whether or not they plan to carry. Thanks again. Steve M., Lafayette

I wanted to send a thank you for a class well taught! I was a little in shock during the classroom instruction (as well as at the range), trying to absorb so much new information. But I now feel much more comfortable. All of the information was great! I will now no longer live in “Condition White,” and plan to send your contact information to my friends. Rachel P., Baton Rouge

Amanda, Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. We walked away with lots of information in just a short time period, and feel privileged to have been taught by the best. Thanks again. Alicia A., Baton Rouge

We have been raving about your class. You have made us so much more comfortable, not only holding guns, but also in our day to day lives knowing how to be more aware of what’s going on around us. I didn’t really expect to enjoy a long class talking about criminals, but you made it interesting and genuinely enjoyable. You are a wonderful teacher and we’ve been blessed by your willingness to help. Thanks for everything! Claire H. and Kate W., Baton Rouge

I wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation. I go into various continuing education courses in my professional and personal life with the appropriate degree of interest and optimism. But I rarely feel like I’ll come away with 9 hours of value for the 9 hours of my time that I invested. I am far and away pleased to have spent the time with you and to have learned what I did. Thanks again. Andy S., Baton Rouge

Thanks for all of the help with Karen. Your training must be quite effective, as she had a totally different outlook on using a firearm for self-defense after your training session. All I can say is thank you very much. Alan Y., Baton Rouge

Brad and I would like to thank you again for a great class. We thoroughly enjoyed it, as far as we’re concerned, it was worth far more than we paid. I can say for myself that I learned so much, and because of the new information I will certainly act differently in my day to day life. Since taking your class my whole way of thinking about self defense has been altered, and I thank you for that. Once again, thanks for the private lesson and for a great class. Brenda K., Baton Rouge

I found your training to be a work of remarkable quality in several respects. Your process enabled you to get through a huge amount of information, much of which I imagine is well beyond what the typical instructor provides. You not only gave good technical explanations using understandable analogies and illustrations, but you also backed it up by citing extensive research, again I’m sure well beyond what is typical. Your use of the videos was especially effective; they provoked a lot of thought about your message.
As a person who does a lot of training myself and designs training for execution by others, I was really impressed by yours. I think anybody who signs up for your class, rather than somebody else’s, is getting the far bigger bang for the buck. Walt E., Baton Rouge

I wanted to thank you for the class this past weekend. I’d read nothing but good stuff about your classes and I see why. Seth O., Walker

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Very informative and you made it pleasantly enjoyable. I am going to highly recommend it to anyone that is looking.
Jennifer G., Baton Rouge

Ernie….first, I want to really express my gratitude to you for getting me into your class… was a 1000 times better than my expectations…..and I expected a lot…… was time well spent…. I cannot think of any part of the class that was less important or boring in any way.
Bruce B., Baton Rouge

On behalf of Dwight, Sadie, and myself, thank you very much for the class. We all discussed the class after we left and all agreed that it was VERY enlightening and informative. You are clearly well informed and enjoy the topic very much. I can’t think of something that I didn’t want to hear, or later thought that I could have done without………
Beau L., Baton Rouge

I want to thank you for allowing me to secure a spot in your class. That was the fastest 9 hr. class I’ve ever attended. I find myself reflecting on the points you addressed many times throughout my day. Condition Yellow is my new favorite color. Thanks again for a very educational experience as well as the laughter!
Frances P., Baton Rouge

I appreciate you fitting me in the class and found it to be an excellent experience. You emphasized things I had taken for granted. Just because you grow up around guns and you know how to shoot doesn’t mean you are competent. Again, thanks for your knowledge and experience, as it made me more aware of what skills I need to work on and how I need to make time to do it on a continuous basis.
Bill B., Baton Rouge

I learned a lot during the class, some of which was a bit frightening. It was very informative and the “blunt-truth” approach was very much appreciated. Again, thank you.
Chauvin A., Baton Rouge

Hello Mr. Gammon! I got so much out of your class, and I appreciate the time you took with me. Your instruction was invaluable and I know it is the base on which I will build all of my future weapons training. I definitely found the right instructor!
Heidi P., Baton Rouge

Ernie: I would like to compliment you on your presentation skills and the friendly environment that you provided for this training. It was a pleasure to attend this training and I am glad that I waited for you to become available as the trainer. A less cordial person could have made this topic somewhat intimidating.
John F. Baton Rouge

Ernie: I wanted to thank you for teaching me how to shoot properly, and for the permit class you taught. I realize you don’t do this sort of thing to make money, but instead do it because you recognize the importance of it. As a woman I can hardly express how much I value your willingness to teach me and help me begin acquiring a personal defense skill set.
Jamie N. Baton Rouge

Ernie: Thank you so much for teaching me. You are a great teacher and I had soooo much fun!! I wasn’t even expecting it to be fun – just wanted to face my fear. The fun part has been a nice surprise.